Procedures and policies

Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities - laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc


The Institution has a well-defined policy of systems and procedures for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities. All the facilities are monitored by Cleaning Committee. The Committee periodically checks all the facilities and report to the Principal recommends its suggestions for enhancement, maintenance and cleanliness of facilities and  infrastructure. The procedures formaintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities are as follows.


Laboratory Committee takes care of requirements for every year and stock book is maintained for the available stock. Caution Money is taken from students which is
refundable and in case of any breakage deducted from it. Aprons are mandatory for performing laboratory practical. Cleaning Committee helps in maintenance of room level cleaning.


Library Committee takes care of requirements of the Library viz. Text Books, Reference Books, Journals & Periodicals, News Papers, Book Shelves, Computers,
Stationary, Binding etc. A code of conduct for student borrowers is mentioned on the Library cum ID card of the student. Maximum 2 books are issued to a student for a week duration and Maximum 15 books are issued to faculty members for a period of a session. Book loss is incurred from Library fine. Internal Cleanliness is maintained by library staff and for room cleanliness Cleaning Committee put the efforts as per the suggestions of Librarian.

Sports Facilities

Sports Committee looks into the requirements of sports facilities such as the demarcation of grounds for various sports or games, sports instruments required for the particular type of sports as per the suggestions of the Physical Director. Sports equipment’s are issued to students which are returned after the practice. Physical efficiency tests are undertaken to find the hidden talents amongst students. Sports Grounds are prepared and maintained by outsourced personnel.


Computers installed in Computer Laboratory are maintained by the laboratory staff for any maintenance issue agencies are outsourced for it. Every student is allowed to use the computer for an hour so that most of the students get chance to deal with it. Internet connectivity issues are resolved by the leasing agency.


Cleaning Committee takes care for the cleanliness of classrooms and the furniture breakage is brought into notice of the Principal and broken furniture is withdrawn from the classrooms. When the breakage is ample in numbers people are outsourced to repair it.