7.3 – Institutional Distinctiveness

7.3.1 – Provide the details of the performance of the institution in one area distinctive to its vision, priority and thrust in not more than 500 words

Total word count: 0 words. Words left: 500

The College has provided tremendouspriority to its Program of providing education to rural, undeveloped & remote area with an aim to provide “Science education” to all the students belong from this unexposed area, where a student can learn, think & develop themselves as a strong competitor. College also run programme to motivate other people for the development of such other backward area of this district. These college activities add on to the Vision of the College. The Vision of the College is to educate, enable and empower young women, of backword area and to empower them. The College emphasizes the need to mainstream the marginalized and weaker sections of students to ensure justice and equity in society. The Mission is to steer the education it offers not only towards the pragmatic goal of employability, but also to build a life of the mind and sensitize and orient its students to the service of the community.During Covid-19 pandemic in 2019-2020, provided a vital support structure to conduct Online Teaching-Learning for students and conducted online lecture series and seminars. College run people awareness program about covid vaccination and facilitatefast vaccination of staff members and students. The College is in possession of providing wheelchair to physically handicapped students. Secretory of the institution distributed wheelchairs to physically handicap individuals of rural area so that they can go without much efforts to earn their livelihood. As a part of its Institutional Social Responsibility and Outreach Program, the College conduct public programs for nearby farmers on soil analysis and raised awareness to enrich quality of soil. The College also run various awareness programs for women about their social right and protection from civil dispute.The College is committed to supporting extraordinary individual initiatives to enable young, enthusiastic women to realize their dreams and aspirations.It follows courses in English and ICT skills for Economically Weaker Sections. The college provides computer literacy by conducting “Information Communication Technology” (ICT)classes with 30 personal computers to students.To peruse vision of the institution, NSS organized blood donation camp, construction of toilets in rural area under“Gram Swacchata Abhiyan”. Student Progression committee arranged workshop on Career and Job Opportunities to guide students for their advance studies and for guiding jobs availability.